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La Adelita

One of the most famous corridos to come out of the Mexican Revolution.

"La Adelita" came to be an archetype of a woman warrior in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. An Adelita was a soldadera, or woman soldier, who not only cooked and cared for the wounded but also actually fought in battles against Mexican government forces. In time the word adelita was used for all the soldaderas, who became a vital force in the revolutionary war efforts.




Best Arab tourist city for 2013

BYBLOS - JBEIL   is the oldest inhabited city in the world, the birthplace of the phonetic alphabet.

6000 years passed since the  first settlement  in that city, a dozen of civilization left their prints in this magic place.






El Molino

Mexican Restaurant 

El Molino offers a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine, located in Byblos old port with a view over the Phonician harbor,, Our friendly staff welcomes you for lunch, dinner and drinks.

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